Thanksgiving is one day of the year where most dietary precautions are tossed out the window as we sip on festive beverages, stuff ourselves with turkey and indulge in healthy helpings of starchy dishes. But what about your teeth? Are there dishes that are better for maintaining the health of your teeth? The answer is YES! We’ve created a list of 5 Thanksgiving dinner dishes your teeth are thankful for.


The finer things in life for both you and your teeth include the oh-so-delicious charcuterie board, where the cheese is the star of the show. Since dairy is rich in calcium, it’s the perfect pre-thanksgiving dinner snack as calcium maintains strong bones and teeth.


Bonus points if you have enough self-control to skip the starchy veggies and head straight for the colorful veggies and greens. Vegetables typically have more fiber and can aid in saliva production helping you break down foods for your digestive system.


This rule of thumb goes for yams as well since the two are sort of similar. Since both are rich in Vitamins A and C, it helps to preserve your gums. But here’s the catch—if they are candied, which let’s be real, most are on Thanksgiving day, then we recommend eating them in moderation. As we all know by now, sugar is not friendly to your teeth.


Of course, you can have your turkey! We wouldn’t dare attempt to deprive you. It’s generally a healthy dish packed with protein —just make sure that once you’ve gobbled it down you floss your teeth.


Awww yeah! It’s Thanksgiving… we won’t tell you not to eat pie, but we will tell you the pie that’s better for you to sink your teeth into. Our pick is pumpkin pie because much like sweet potatoes it is rich in Vitamin A which keeps your gums healthy and builds the hard outer shell of your enamel.

So there you have it—the 5 thanksgiving dinner dishes that your teeth will be thankful for. Now you have something to chat about at the dinner table that benefits everyone! Your guests will surely be grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!