Regular Checkups and Dental Exams

Regular dental checkups and professional teeth cleaning are absolutely vital to your oral health.  Dr. Thomas realizes that you live a busy life. However, it’s essential to take care of your teeth.  Regular checkups and cleanings will help keep your teeth healthy longer and spot potential problems while they are still easy to solve.  Unless you have pain, you may have dental issues you don’t even know about.

During your dental exam, you’ll probably have x-rays made of your mouth so Dr. Thomas can spot any problem areas.  Additionally, you’ll receive an oral cancer screening, your teeth will be cleaned and you’ll have a chance to consult with the professional team on any questions you may have or any treatment you may need to plan for.

During your checkup, you’ll be able to relax in our state-of-the-art dental chairs and watch a favorite program on our ceiling-mounted video entertainment system.  You can bring your own headphones or borrow ours.  Our staff will put you at ease from the moment you arrive at our convenient Owasso office and our gentle dental hygienists will take great care to keep you comfortable.

Maintaining your dental health with regular checkups and cleanings offers many benefits not only to your appearance, but also to your overall health.

Benefits of regular checkups and cleanings:

Prevention of gum disease.  Allowing plaque to build up can result in gum (periodontal) disease.  Plaque contains bacteria which can cause inflammation and irritate gums, and when it is not removed, it calcifies into tartar which can’t be removed at home.  Keeping your gums healthy can mean the difference between keeping your teeth and premature loss.

Maintenance of good health.  Studies in recent years have linked strokes and heart attacks to gum disease.  Having regular teeth cleanings could potentially lessen your risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease.  And keeping your teeth healthy can aid in eating a varied diet and maintaining good digestion.

A whiter, brighter smile.  Having your teeth cleaned helps remove stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, certain foods, tobacco and even some medications. Keeping tartar at bay also improves the beauty of your smile.

Prevention of halitosis (bad breath).  No one wants bad breath, which can be caused by gum disease, food lodged in hard-to-reach areas, or poor oral hygiene.  Regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups are the most effective way to ensure you enjoy good oral hygiene.

Keeping your teeth.  No one wants to lose their teeth, but poor oral hygiene can result in advanced gum disease, which means supporting bone can be destroyed as plaque moves further onto the roots of the teeth.  Have your teeth cleaned regularly, and brush/floss thoroughly between cleanings to keep your teeth healthy.

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