Do you have migraines? If you often work on a computer or stare at your device or any kind of screen for prolonged periods of time regularly, then you may want to pay close attention to our eyecare tips.


Spending ample time focused on your screen can cause eye strain that could lead to migraines and a variety of other issues. Remember to take a break from the screen at least 20 seconds for every 20 minutes. Pick a non-screen object or area to focus or rest your eyes on giving them relief from constant blue light.


If you have symptoms of eye strain, it may be a good idea to purchase a pair of blue light blocking glasses. These are great to use during extended periods of time working on the computer or on your mobile device. Psssst…. it’s worth mentioning we have a spring sale going on now and during the month of April 2021 where you can purchase one pair at full price and get a second pair at 50% off. Time to shop!